Our Story

About Sunlit Studio Puzzles (Straight from the Artist)

How it Began

It began out of frustration, honestly.  I was shopping for a jigsaw puzzle for an art-loving friend. I had in mind something fresh, colorful and modern. I wanted something with personality. I thought, "She loves watercolor. I'll get her a WATERCOLOR puzzle!"  So I Googled it. (Nothing). How about "Art Puzzles?" Surprisingly, not much came up - mostly some dusty Old Masters.

"Okay, so let's see what is available... Hmmm... Yep, village scenes. Kittens and yarn. The New York skyline. Same old, same old. That's IT? Are jigsaw puzzles stuck in a time warp?"

At Around This Same Time...

A friend made a casual comment during a COVID Zoom Happy Hour: "You know, I've always thought your paintings would make good jigsaw puzzles."  I've been a watercolor artist for 30 years, but that idea had never occurred to me.

So I thought about it and decided that maybe I could make the puzzles I wanted to see. It's a huge understatement to say I had a lot to learn, but I've had expert help from friends and pros, and now here we are!

My Sunlit Studio

My beautiful little studio is in my home near Palm Springs, CA, where it truly is sunny pretty much every day.  My goal is to have each of my paintings tell a story and to push watercolor to the edge with rich, vibrant color, while keeping the fresh transparency that we all love. I paint every day, usually in the company of a drowsy cat or two.

How We're Different

The Images. No other puzzles look anything like these.

The Poster. We include a beautiful FULL-SIZE poster with each puzzle, so, as my mother says, "You can see what you're doing."

The Missing Piece Deal. If you find that you're missing a piece, we'll stick a  replacement piece in the mail so you can finish your puzzle! (It doesn't matter how it got lost.)

The Give-Back. We're giving 5% of our profits to arts organizations for kids and youth, because, given a chance, kids will realize that art is more fun than staring at a screen, and making, doing and creating can change lives.

Thank you for your interest and support. We'd love to hear what you think of our puzzles!

Female artist Robin St. Louis with her cat Bailey

– Robin St. Louis