500 Piece Sunlit Studios Puzzles Gift Card


Hard to choose which jigsaw puzzle to gift a friend? Just like with a box of chocolates, part of the fun is in making the choice, so let them choose their own!

Give the gift of a 500-piece puzzle with this electronic gift card. The best part? You will receive your e-gift card immediately, so you can tuck it into your own greeting card – making it the perfect stocking stuffer, surprise present or last-minute gift. 

E-gift cards available in denominations of a 500 Piece Puzzle ($35 retail value) or a 1000 Piece Puzzle ($39 retail value).

Please note: Any e-gift card purchase will be sent directly to the buyer's email. Sunlit Studio Puzzles is not able to send to an alternate email (i.e. the gift recipient) at this time.